Top Ways to Spend a Day on the Delaware

by Lauren Ray
The Delaware River is no doubt one of the main draws to both visiting and residing in the Delaware River Towns. The tranquil waterway weaves through the bucolic villages, providing jaw-dropping views and plenty of recreational fun.  Here are some fun ways to take advantage of the Delaware River lifestyle:
Tube, Raft, or Kayak. Tube, raft, canoe, or kayak down the Delaware River this summer! The adventure you choose is up to you. Tubing and rafting trips are a fun and exciting adventure for groups of all sizes. Canoeing and kayaking are for the more strong-willed. Soar your way down the Delaware, using your upper body strength to coast over the rippling water. The intensity of each activity depends on the water conditions and levels on the day that you go, but that’s the beauty of mother nature! Here are some great places to get a little wet:

Take A Three Hour (Boat) Tour. Head to New Hope for the best in Delaware River boat tours. Bucks County Riverboat Company operates out of Keller’s Landing. You can book a private charter or join a public cruise this summer. The River Otter, a tri-pontoon, will take you on a soothing ride along the most scenic parts of the Delaware. Wells Ferry also offers boat rides up and down the Delaware. Named after John Wells, the founder of New Hope, you’ll board this historic ferry boat at The Landing Restaurant, located in the heart of New Hope on Main Street.
Check Out Amazing Views. Bucks County is home to a plethora of gorgeous views. If you absolutely love the great outdoors, head to one of Bucks County’s great state parks. From the Delaware Canal to Tyler State, you’ll find unique trails bustling with Pennsylvania’s wildlife and greenery. River Road (Route 32) is one of the most scenic roads in all of Bucks County. The beautiful trail starts in Morrisville and runs along the western bank of the Delaware, with plenty to stop and see along the way, like the historic covered bridges. Make the Washington Crossing Historic Park another stop on your list. This park preserves where George Washington crossed the Delaware during the Revolutionary War, and serves as a plce for history buffs of all ages to enjoy.
Take A Dip. While swimming is prohibited in a majority of the state parks that line the Delaware River, there are 3 life-guarded beaches that are safe to swim in from mid-June to August. Milford Beach, located in Milford, PA, is a grassy beach area complete with picnic pavilions and boat and canoe launches. Smithfield Beach sits on River Road 7 miles north of the Delaware River Gap. Like Milford Beach, it has a ton of recreational space for families to enjoy some summertime fun. If you’re headed to the river this summer, remember to obey all posted signs and lifeguard rules!
Plan some summertime fun on the Delaware this year with these great ideas.