Art Opening: Through the Unfrequented Sky

ArtYard announces the opening ​on March 25th of Through the Unfrequented Sky, works by Cecilia
Paredes, with an opening reception from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
Cecilia Paredes is an internationally recognized artist and Rockefeller Fellow noted for her unique sculptures comprised of objects gleaned from nature and her exquisitely crafted photo performance images of camouflaged bodies considering themes of origin, displacement and belonging. Paredes typically spends weeks preparing for her intricately painted and staged photo shoots in which she may perform as an animal, mythical being, or a migrant seeking acceptance or anonymity in an unfamiliar clime.

Born in Lima, Peru, Paredes has lived, studied and exhibited in Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Spain, China and Russia. Presently residing in Philadelphia, she frequently lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. Through the Unfrequented Sky will feature an installation entitled Wishes on the Air, a site-specific cloud constructed out of wishes from members of the Frenchtown community, who have been depositing their anonymous desires in a massive carved bowl in the ArtYard gallery for the past three months. The piece is not simply an object but an invitation to the viewer to embark on a journey from voyeuristic curiosity to a search for individual wishes that resonate, to a recognition of shared human impulses and the possibility that we are not alone. Paredes is the recipient of many awards and prizes, including the First Mention of Honor at the Biennial Centro America in 2002.

Installation titled Wishes

Paredes’ show is the third exhibition in ArtYard’s gallery since ArtYard’s inception in September of 2016. ArtYard is a contemporary art center based in Frenchtown, New Jersey, founded by a group of artists, writers, curators and friends. Its campus of repurposed factories includes a theater and film program, an artists residency and art exhibition spaces.