Local Business Spotlight: Gallery Piquel

Once art is introduced to a space, it is forever a part of that space.  Its energy fills the very crevices between the floorboards and embraces you as you enter the door.   Luckily for Gallery Piquel, both locations are rooted deep with art and creativity.

Tamara and Jim Canon, the owners of Gallery Piquel, could have lived anywhere.  The couple lived in New York City for numerous years and traveled the world as producers, performers, and photographers.  But once they had visited Bucks County, they knew that this is where the next chapter of their lives would be realized.

It’s hard to believe Gallery Piquel only opened 11-years ago.  The Canon’s seamlessly transitioned themselves and the artists they represented by taking over cherished artist studios and galleries: Al Lachman’s space in New Hope and Hrefna Jonsdottir’s gallery in Lambertville.

“We moved to this area specifically for the natural beauty and for the community”, Tamara told me. “I’m honored that we were able to move into two spaces that I respect so much. They both are beloved by the community and we want to nurture that.”
Gallery Piquel is a contemporary gallery dedicated to showing living artists.
Business: Gallery Piquel
Owner: Tamara and Jim Canon
Location: 24 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ and 39 N Main Street, New Hope, PA
Phone: 215.862.3523
Website: www.gallerypiquel.com
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