Second Annual Paddle Battle Dragon Boat Race: New Hope vs. Lambertville

The Epic Battle on the Delaware River is set to go this Friday, June 2, 2017 at 6pm, with New Hope vs Lambertville… Mayor Keller vs Mayor DelVecchio, who will take the coveted Paddle Battle Cup?
Last year, New Hope won a close race so Lambertville is out for revenge. The Paddle Battle raises nearly $10,000 for Fisherman’s Mark and New Hope for the Canal, along with the SPLASH Paddle Boat. This year, the Imbue Creative/Lambertville Dragon boat is lead by Mayor David DelVecchio, who is sponsored by Lambertville Station Inn & Restaurant. The Logan Inn/New Hope Dragon boat is once again lead by Mayor Larry Keller, who is being sponsored by Pamela Kerr.
The best viewing areas are on the bridge, along the Lambertville Station parking area and at Martines. You can also board the SPLASH Steam Paddle boat and be on the officials boat. The race will be broadcast live on community internet radio station PA NJ Radio with sports host, Jack Furlong. Rob Bell and Greenbirdie Productions will be providing video of the event as well. The event is once again producted by Laurie McHugh and Laura Kent of Dragon Boat Adventures and Stephen Harris, Amplify Your Voice, local social marketing.
Come support your city and there is still time to be one of our valued sponsors. For more information, contact Stephen Harris at