Scarecrow Contest

Presented by The Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce

Scarecrow Contest brought to you by Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce

OCT 1st — OCT 31st

The Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau is very excited to promote our Second Annual Scarecrow Contest! Our towns are well known for attracting fans of Halloween, including a cross-river Zombie Crawl, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ghost Tours, High Heel Contests and dozens of incredibly decorated homes and businesses. Other contests in the area attract thousands of visitors.


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The Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce is very excited to announce our first ever Scarecrow Contest! The Chamber will help promote your scarecrow (and your business!) by providing posters for your window, sharing your photo on our social media posts, radio advertising and an ad in the Herald, an online gallery, and a Voting Poll.


Gather your ideas and materials.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Basic: Use some old clothes and a fun t-shirt. Stuff it with hay and call it a day!

Step It Up: Come up with a theme that matches your business. Waiter Scarecrow for your restaurant, or wrap it up with gauze to make a mummy day-at-the-spa scarecrow. You get the idea…

Advanced: Team up with your neighbors, create a theme, and encourage your patrons to visit each location to take a photo of all of your scarecrows.

Register Your Scarecrow Online

Once your Scarecrow comes to life, take a photo in front of your business, and register your scarecrow (see below). Again, it’s FREE to participate.

Promote Your Creation! Share, Post, Make It Go Viral!

Encourage others to participate so we have an army of scarecrows to really make this a blast! The more we have, the more visitors we’ll attract to come to your shops and businesses. The Chamber we will be advertising the contest via radio, press releases, social media and print advertising.

Be A Winner!

From October 1st thru October 31st, the Scarecrow Contest will gather votes, track social media check-ins, shares, and activity to select contest winners. Various prizes will be awarded to best scarecrow and to the patrons who visit the most scarecrows.

This Year's Content Applicants


26 Bridge Street Lambertville, NJ 609-397-8849

The Corn People leave their field and return to Lambertville each year in October to enjoy the fine shopping, dining, and just walking about our City has to offer. They especially enjoy all the Fall decorations and Halloween fun throughout Lambertville.

13 North LLC

13 North Union Street Lambertville, NJ 609-755-4220

Sunflower, our nature loving, pot-head scarecrow is certainly North of Normal! Sunflower is making her debut as a new member of the 13 North of Normal family this Halloween season; with her stylish blue jean overalls and a foliage accented straw hat this farm girl is ready to hit the hemp fields! Make sure to stop by 13 North Main Street to chill with Sunflower, maybe get a little education on the endocannabinoid system, and get yourself some all-natural CBD relief for your pains and anxieties. And vote for 13 North of Normal for the Scarecrow Contest!

Welcome to the Garden of Good and Evil! Crinoline the Crazy Witch and Crystal the Clever Angel welcome you to Reinboth, A Design Group, where black and white make for a modern take on classic interiors. Stop by and see for yourself... IF YOU DARE!

Meghan Money Maker is a scarecrow from Milford, NJ. She strolled into town to show off her new look. She obtained a new hair style this year and added more money and stock market-themed accessories to her overall look. She is very excited for the Halloween Parade in Milford this year happening on Sunday, October 27th. Make sure if you see her in front of the Milford Laundromat that you give her a wink. She wants everyone to know that her head is filled with straw, but her real life counterpart can really help you if you need assistance with your finances.

Lambertville Trading Company

43 Bridge Street
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530

My name is Espresscrow. I have been wandering around the area looking for some strong coffee to keep me warm on these brisk Fall nights. I came upon a coffee bar called Lambertville Trading Company. The local folks said it is a nice place to hang out, so here I am!

Lambertville Station Restaurant & Inn

11 Bridge Street Lambertville, NJ 609-397-4400

Nothing to be frightened about here, Lady and the Tramp have decided to have a romantic dinner at The Lambertville Station.

River Valley Realty LLC

45 N. Main Street Lambertville, NJ 609-397-3007

There's nothing scary about buying a home with River Valley Realty! Just ask Igor, our fun loving River Valley realtor. He appeared this afternoon at our New Hope office to show you houses that will haunt your dreams. Ghastly, gruesome and ghoulish are features of his listings in the wickedest locations imaginable. So stop by and see what kind of spooky properties he has to show you during his stay!

Welcome to Chocolate in the Oven Bake Shop. Stop by to see our gingerbread man scarecrow and other fun scarecrows in Milford!


Bloomsbury, New Jersey 08804

Hello, TRICKY Our TRAVEL Scarecrow will be haunting the area next to the bank in Milford.He will be helping us paint pumpkins at the Halloween parade .Stop by & say hello.Thank you !

Lambertville House

32 Bridge Street Lambertville, NJ 609-397-0200

Oopsy Davey is back at it again. One year into his move to Lambertville, NJ, Oopsy Davey is still enjoying his residency at the Lambertville House by taking advantage of the comfortable beds, cozy fireplaces, delicious food and the best martinis in town. Oopsy Davey is still clumsy as ever, so proceed with caution if you see him walking down Bridge Street.

ACME Screening Room

25 S. Union Street Lambertville, NJ 609-483-5457

Visit our Scarecrow "Drowning in Popcorn", your absolute worst nightmare! Visit the ACME Screening Room for our Halloween movie events! And don't forget your popcorn....

Red Tulip Gallery Crafts

19 W Bridge Street New Hope, PA 267-454-0496

“Tulip” is our artist scarecrow! She’s a local and she works at our artist co- op. She is inspired by the natural beauty of the rivertowns.

Meet Strawny. Love Saves the Days
old fashion scarecrow. Simple and

Luminessa is full of bright ideas! She and her co-workers are called on daily to use their creative superpowers as brand guardians, content champions, and digital warriors.

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