Pre-Premiere Film Event: The Last Laugh

The Holocaust might seem like a topic that’s completely off-limits for comedy, but this entertaining and thought-provoking new documentary strives to challenge that assumption.
Weaving together a portrait of Auschwitz survivor Renee Firestone alongside film clips & interviews with comedians including Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Carl & Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman and Gilbert Gottfried, The Last Laugh deftly examines whether it’s acceptable to use humor in connection with a tragedy of that scale.
The Last Laugh also features remarkable archival material ranging from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to Jerry Lewis’ never-released Holocaust ‘comedy’ “The Day the Clown Cried,” and, rare footage of cabarets inside the concentration camps themselves.
On Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 6pm, catch the film at the ACME Screening Room in Lambertville and then meet Director Ferne Pearstein for a Q&A session after the screening, then, join us for an intimate Dinner with the Director!