Erika Rachel

I Found Myself in the Delaware River Towns

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I Found Myself in the Delaware River Towns

Statement: The Delaware River towns are the open door to peoples inward journey. Their story of self reflection, awareness, and peace is written on the pages of our nature and community. Offering people a chance to settle into themselves in ways a city just won’t encourage- this is what this work is all about.

Erika Rachel Bio

Erika Rachel started her full time art practice in 2013 after reconnecting with Hunterdon County, its rich art history, and its thriving creative community. Staying in tune with the NYC art scene is still important for her career but her mind and body enjoy the peace this area brings to her and the influence it has on her art.

Erika Rachel CV

Notable exhibits include Guild Hall Museum, Ashawagh Hall, Art Expo NY, and The Hunterdon Art Museum. Selected collectors Lawrence Benenson (MoMa Board of Trustees), Cyma Zarghami (President Viacom Group). Press coverage by magazines L’Etage, Posture, and CREATIV. Collaboration with Tag Heuer Boutique and Chef’s Club by F&W NY. Public art installation at Dohm Alley, Princeton NJ.

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