New Hope & Lambertville Named Best Hippie Towns in their States

Lambertville - 16 of 16Thrillist recently named the most hippie towns in each state, and it’s no surprise that two bohemian Main Streets in our backyard hit this list- New Hope (PA) and Lambertville (NJ).
Thrillist calls Lambertville, “The gently rolling rural area…scattered with hippie ex-New Yorkers who escaped the city,” and credits drum circles, Big Bear Natural Foods, and yoga as core hippy hot spots.
New Hope - 23 of 82Then, it’s New Hope’s turn. Thrillist descibes, “For a town of 2,500 there’s an embarrassing wealth of vintage thrift shops, art festivals, music shops, head shops, and a thriving local theater scene that has produced more than a few Broadway superstars. Its LGBTQ community may have taken center stage in recent years, but the true heart of New Hope lies in its flower-power roots. While New Hope abuts the Land of Springsteen, it’s decidedly more Jerry Garcia than Jersey.”