French Cabaret Comes to New Hope

The Mansion Inn announces a new, complimentary addition to their entertainment schedule, “Le Cabaret Francais,” an all-French music-and-humor show presented and performed by Bucks County musician Barry Peterson. With its classic 1800’s French-Baroque architecture, Peterson’s show is sure to culturally inspire, entertain and engage a great many Francophiles who live in Bucks, Hunterdon and Mercer.  “Le Cabaret François” opens Wednesday February 8th, 7:45pm at the Mansion Inn, 9 So. Main St., New Hope. Reservations recommended, 267-740-7153.
In a twist, the repertoire will be divided between 20th-century classics by Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and others, and Peterson’s new translations of American classics of all kinds such as “That’s Life” (“C’est Yue Ye La Vie”), “All Shook Up” (“Bouleverse”), “My Way” (“A Ma Maniere”) “Words of Love” (“Des Mots d’Amour”) and eight others.  “Everything coming out of the mic will be French,” says Peterson, a solo guitarist and singer-songwriter, “so I’m hustling to get my vocabulary back! Guests attending will find lyric books on the tables to sing along while brushing up on their Francais over a glass of gros rouge, a ragout and some immortal French songs.”
Peterson adds, “As winter turns to spring we want to pass the spotlight to guest performers, especially students, who have a song to perform, a poem by Baudelaire to recite, a passage from “Cyrano,” or whatever else that’s ‘good and Gallic.’ And one we’re up and running, we’ll also have a little segment about PHI’s or ‘particularly hilarious idioms.’ If you’re a fan of French language, you’ll be chez toi, right at home. Amusons-nous!”
Originated in 1865, this iconic New Hope structure with timeless French-Baroque Victorian architecture has been recently acquired and caringly restored by new owners Kris Tomasulo and Joseph Grande.  The Mansion Inn & Royal T’s goal is to visually exhibit a genuine homage to its original history, yet with a salute to contemporary aesthetics through its latest interior design, truly showcasing the distinct culinary innovation by Chef Denise Gesek.  The mission of the new Mansion Inn & Royal T’s is to bring an experience to the historic town of New Hope that will intrigue and delight both long-time locals and visitors alike.  The Mansion Inn strives to deliver cuisine that’s inspired by classics that guests know and love, yet offer them re-imagined.  The Mansion Inn has a custom-curated a beverage program unrivaled in the area, featuring handcrafted cocktails from only quality spirits and fresh ingredients that pay tribute to the true pioneers of the ‘mixology’ culture. Owners Tomasulo and Grande have provided the tools, and freedom for their bartenders to be as creative as they desire in designing what is destined to be a new favorite cocktail for guests, instilling the philosophy of letting go and allow them to take you on a journey of great food & drinl.