Fall Flavors: Alpine Spice Wine

Discovers the delicious fall flavors of the Delaware River Towns!  We’re highlighting the region’s must-try drinks, dishes, and desserts of fall! 
First up, we’re sipping the Alpine Spice Wine by Sand Castle Winery:
When the weather cools down, a warm glass of spiced Alpine Spice wine is the perfect way to warm up! The wine is very aromatic – beautiful overtones of cinnamon, cloves, warm apples, spices and dried flower petals. Heat some up before a party to get your guest’s mouths watering!
About the Wine: A unique blend of Chardonnay and Johannisberg Riesling wines coupled with a secret blend of herbs and spices. All the grapes are grown on Sand Castle Winery’s 72 acre estate in the Central Delaware Valley in Bucks County.
Serving suggestion:  Serving temperature should approximate hot coffee. Sand Castle Winery recommend heating it on the stove top in a stainless steel pan or tea kettle.  Pour your bottle of Spice into the pan or kettle and place on the burner at a low temperature until it simmers (or until it reaches your desired temperature).  Just be sure not to bring it to a boil.   Once it’s at the temperature you desire, remove from the stove top, pour into a wine glass (be careful since it is hot), and enjoy!
Best Food Matches: Smoked Cheeses, Smoked Fish, Smoked Meats, Virginia Ham, Apple Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream