Daughter of long-time New Hope retailer launches new apparel line

Hindi Jain is hosting a pop-up shop at the Shop of India Boutique in downtown New Hope on September 22nd from 4pm-10pm. The Words Collection takes its name from the nature of its designs featuring meaningful words, quotes, and definitions placed where tattoos would be. The collection itself is a series of casual weekend wear and yoga pants made with high quality fabrics that are soft and luxurious to the touch.
Jain took inspiration from her childhood spent mastering the traditional indian art of mehndi (henna tattoos). In her own words, “I grew up above my parents boutique and started doing henna tattoos out on main street when I was only 10 years old as my sort of little version of a lemonade stand. Over the years, I’ve met a lot of people – I’ve done tattoos for over 20,000 people – and noticed that many of them like to get meaningful words in different languages on their wrists, ankles, back of neck (placement that is personal to remind them of messages that matter). I took inspiration from the experience of giving these tattoos and channeled it into a comfortable leisure and yoga wear clothing line for men and women. I’ve placed inspiring words on high quality clothes where you would normally see tattoos. The idea is that it’s personal and meant to spark conversation in the same way a tattoos do.”
She spent 4 months overseeing the production herself in order to ensure items were of top quality and made ethically.
The beautiful pieces at the forefront of this collection are not only meaningful, but also designed to promote equality for humanity as a whole (sexuality, race, gender, societal rank, and animal rights). The collection is designed to be animal friendly and a percentage of the profits are donated to organizations that currently promote similar core values such as Trevor Project, Girl2B, and Farm Sanctuary to name a few. “Wearing this brand creates a statement that we are all uniquely beautiful.”
Interested parties are invited to shop the launch event at Shop of India boutique on September 22nd from 4pm-10pm.