Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve Gala Celebrates 15th Year

2018 Wildflower Gala Committee

The Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve’s 15th annual Spring Wildflower Gala, a black tie and muck boots event, will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018.
The Gala, a celebration of spring, offers guests the opportunity to explore the stunning spring wildflower beauty of the Preserve with an intimate evening woodland walk along the trails. This premier event will feature a gourmet menu of spring-themed ingredients, as well as spirited live and silent auctions.
This year’s Gala theme is “Protecting the Gem,” which highlights the need to rebuild and replace critical sections of the Preserve’s deer exclusion fence.  The Preserve is able to grow and display a wonderful diversity of over 700 species of native plants because of a ten-foot high deer fence that encloses most of the Preserve’s property. The fence is the Preserve’s only defense against the herds of deer that seek to invade and devour the living collection of native plants.  The deer fence was first installed in 1993, but the ravages of time and nature have taken their toll, and this perimeter protection is now compromised. The funds raised at this year’s Gala will be used to rebuild and repair the fence, so that the priceless collection of native plants will be preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy.
Preserve Executive Director Miles Arnott explains, “While it is certainly true that Bucks County deer are a famous part of our natural landscape, it remains the Preserve’s mission to protect the extraordinary native plant population on our 134 acres as a showcase for the diversity of our region’s flora, and as a testament to future generations of our commitment to the ethical management of otherwise wild, unblemished land.”
Gala co-chair Sandy Weisbrot adds, “This year’s theme says it all: “Protecting the Gem.”  Anyone who has ever planted anything understands the damage deer can do!  It is critical that the Preserve is able to protect the area’s native plants.”
The Gala is the Preserve’s largest fundraiser, raising almost $150,000 at last year’s event. The funds from last year’s event are being used to transform a 20-acre area at the corner of River Road and Aquetong Road from woods to a meadow. That area of the Preserve, which was extensively damaged by a microburst storm in the summer of 2016, will be populated with pollinator-friendly native plants, creating an important habitat for a variety of wildlife species. The revitalized portion of the Preserve, which will be called Aquetong Meadow, will also feature a new loop trail for visitors.
This year’s Gala is co-chaired by Gillian Brindley and Sandy Weisbrot with the support of Committee members and the Preserve staff. Committee members include Deborah Agnew, Dee Bowman, Sue Eveland, Betsy Falconi, Dot Gaboda, Jacqui Griffith, Allison Hamilton, Alison Hargreaves, Sally Henriques, Lynn Holzner, Julia Klossner, Donna Lacey, Heather Lovell, Pat Ludwig, Bill MacDowell, Tricia Reines, Trisha Ritter, Sue Shaffer, Steve Swanson, Francine Verwiel, Susan Vigilante, and Jane Yeuroukis.
Tickets for the Spring Wildflower Gala will be available in March. Please contact Development Director Kellie Westervelt at 215.862.2924 ext. 105 or for more information on attending, sponsoring or donating auction items to this event.
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Caption: 2018 Wildflower Gala Committee