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Christopher Kennedy PhotoLuminism Photography Event at 26Bridge Studio & Gallery

Where the Spirit Takes Us

If ever there was an artist who tests the limits of the camera and what it can capture it’s New Hope resident Christopher Kennedy. What began as a childhood impulse to simply photograph visual oddities grew into what has become “photo luminism” a personally coined term describing the use of electric light as a sort of paintbrush on the camera’s digital sensor. Stretching and bending artificial light over long exposures and intentional camera movement creates his abstract images. The strongest, most compelling pieces will be on display at 26 Bridge Studio and Gallery, 26 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ, from Dec. 9 – 18.

This collection, two years in the making, consists of two print mediums. Most striking are the large aluminum canvases. Their reflective property “pushes” the light beyond the surface, giving it a 3D affect. Other works are printed on archival paper which absorbs and pulls the colors inward, creating a deep, saturated look.

His latest experiment is taking photo luminism to a new level by using and controlling natural light rather than artificial. “I am constantly amazed by the camera’s ability to capture things we cannot see with our own eyes” says Kennedy who’s creative curiosity keeps his work fresh and always evolving. Much of Bucks County has inspired his captures, but of late his muse has been the trees-capes just outside his rural cottage in New Hope.

Interestingly, Kennedy’s profession for many years dealt with music and sound editing in Hollywood and not the visual aspect of film making. Of the over 70 film projects he worked on, notable features include A Chorus Line, Little Shop of Horrors, and the Academy Award winning score for Finding Neverland. But maybe his photographs aren’t a long stretch from recorded sound. Many of his light abstractions are strikingly reminiscent of sound and the waves they create – a unique perspective from a playful eye.

An open artist reception and party is set of Dec. 9 at 7pm at 26 Bridge Studio and Gallery, the new underground space for photography, located on the 2nd floor at 26 Bridge St in Lambertville. For additional information, call 973-615-5287 or visit

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